This is without a doubt the most amazing town hall meeting video clip I have seen to date.  Please share it with everyone you know.

And for my fellow veterans, check out Oath Keepers Outreach Materials.


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Election 2010 Thoughts

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It is time to start kicking things into gear if we expect to retake Congress in 2010.  Our founding fathers envisioned that this nation would be governed by concerned citizen who would devote a few years to the job and then go back to being productive members of society.  The founders would be SHOCKED at the number of career politicians at every level of our government.

The career politicians, who don’t even bother to read the bills they are voting on, are mainly lawyers.  I would suggest we stop voting for anyone who is a lawyer.  We need more members of Congress who have strong financial backgrounds, such as economists and business owners.  We need more doctors, doctors better understand the problems with the health care system than some frigging lawyer.  We need more people with science and technical backgrounds.  Basically we need a well rounded Congress.

I will highlight the grassroots campaigns of freedom loving liberty minded candidates as I come across them.  If you know of any please contact me (via the contact form) or leave a comment below with all the details.  Today’s post is about the Peter Schiff money bomb that is happening on August 7th, 2009.  You can follow the Schiff for Senate campaign details on Twitter.  Peter will run if he gets enough support, let’s make sure he gets it!  Most people say this will be THE most expensive race of the election, please help Peter unseat Chris Dodd.

Donate on August 7th at: Pledge here:


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Now On Twitter

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Just a quick post to say that John McAngry now has a Twitter account.  I will also be using the “Tweet My Blog” plugin to make tweets about new posts.  So if you prefer Twitter to RSS feeds, you can follow me.   The “Tweet My Blog” plug in is free, you can get a copy for your blog by clicking the banner below.


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Pirates And Global Warming

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The debate over the cause(s) of global warming isn’t over quite yet — the Pirate theory enters the scene!

Not sure what I am talking about?  Then you have to watch the video I found posted at

I’d embed the video here but then you would miss all the humorous comments posted at that blog — and you really need to read them too.

If you would like to join the ranks of Pastafarians, who worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM for short), you can choose to buy a spiffy pirate costumes like the one below:



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Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day!!!

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is hearing people refer to Independence Day as “the 4th of July”.  Please everyone, say the words Independence Day — let it sink in what the holiday is truly about. Celebrate by actually reading the Declaration of Independence. (When you do you will realize that most of the reasons our founding fathers gave for breaking free of England can be turned around by citizens and used as reasons why our own government needs reigned in.)

When we fail to call the holiday by its true name it loses its meaning.  If you are a patriot do your part to ensure this holiday’s history is never forgotten by asking all of your friends and family to call it Independence Day.  Many people died to give us our freedom as a nation, please respect that and take the words of John Adams to heart.

On July 3rd 1776 John Adams wrote the following to his wife:

“The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival… It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.”

(John’s letter mentions the 2nd of July because that is the day of the vital vote. However Congress didn’t make it official until the Declaration of Independence was signed on the 4th.)

If our founding fathers expected us to celebrate with “illuminations” (meaning fireworks) then why are there SO many restrictions on the sale of fireworks?

So have a happy (and safe) Independence Day weekend and remember that what we are celebrating is the the day our founding fathers took a deep breath and dared each other to sign a piece of paper with the equivalent of “F@ck you England” written on it.


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Fixing Health Care In America

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Over the last few days I have been in an email debate with a friend over the issue of health care reform.  Gary is pushing the Ralph Nader “single payer” side and I am fiercely defending the free market.  He asked me to watch the PBS report “Sick Around The World” which I did.  The one thing that stands out to me is that all of those systems are facing financial difficulties.

I will address the country of Japan segment, mainly because I lived in Japan for 3 years and have actual experience with the culture.  I do not think the film paid nearly enough attention to the cultural reasons why Japan is so healthy.  It did mention their diet, fish and rice are a staple.  What it failed to document is the number of businesses that have organized fitness / exercise sessions each day.  Citizens of Japan also bow instead of shaking hands which decreases the amount of germs spread via contact, even money is placed into baskets before being handed to the other person.  They wear masks when they are sick.  They wash their hands and faces frequently with hot towels, and have hot (*really hot*)  baths — both of which are things I truly miss.  These are just a few quick things that I can point out as to why they are healthier regardless of the health care system.

While a 3-5 minute free visit to a doctor may be appealing to some I am not sure that it is sufficient to catch many health problems.  I think being healthy from the beginning is a huge reason why it hasn’t had devastating consequences.

This leads to one of my big beefs with my fellow Americans, nobody seems to take responsibility for their own health and fitness.  Everyone wants to pop a pill instead of eating a better diet and exercising.  Nobody wants to give up fast food, smoking, and not getting enough sleep.  As a nation we are overweight, drink/smoke too much, and get little to no exercise (pushing the button on the remote control doesn’t count!).  “WE” are as much of the problem as greedy medical companies.  If we took better care of ourselves we wouldn’t need to visit the doctor as much and pop dozens of pills.

There is nothing in the Constitution about health care rights so I don’t really understand why people think this is a federal government function to begin with. ( “General welfare” does not mean healthcare, that was never the intention of the founding fathers.)  Why would anyone really want it to be if they took into account just how badly the federal government manages everything else it does.  I mean they cannot even run the post office at a break even point (let alone a profit) even though it is a monopoly!!!

As a veteran I have seen the government’s way of dealing with medical issues, buy stock in Motrin because that is the answer to everything!  And the horror stories breaking recently about the VA hospitals should have everyone running scared about government medicine.

So why are  so many people demanding the government “fix” health care?  I don’t think they understand the issue they just don’t want to worry about going bankrupt due to medical bills.  I do understand that point.  However I think the answer is the free market — it has lowered the price of everything else!  Make doctors really compete for business.  Make medical facilities post the prices for tests and procedures so citizens can actually compare prices and know in advance how much they will need to spend.

Instead of another government program let’s give the free market a try.  There was a great post today comparing different versions (1958 vs. 1988) of the movie The Blob.  It is a great read and I think the gist of the post is dead on.

Read:  The Movie “The Blob” Supports the Case Against Government Healthcare

Also, this is a great video by Congressman Dr. Ron Paul that I think everyone should watch:

The poor were taken care of before the government got involved.  The whole reason we give charities tax breaks is so they can fill in gaps like this in society.  If the government is going to do everything (including running GM – but that is a rant for another day) then why even bother with charities any more?


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Knife Control

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Move over gun control, knife control wants its 15 minutes of fame…

Government just cannot seem to stop taking away rights and freedoms from citizens.  Do these pinheads honestly believe that ANYONE but criminals will be safer with this change???

Please take the time to contact your Congress Critter about this issue.  If this goes through the majority of citizens will now be criminals because most of own a knife that falls into this category.


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Congressman Ron Paul’s bill, HR 1207, which calls for auditing the federal reserve, is making great headway in Congress.  PLEASE help it along by joining in the Call-A-Thon that is underway.  Join this grassroots effort!  Take 5 minutes out of your day and call the Congress Critters who still haven’t signed on as a co-sponsor.  It could save you thousands of dollars in future taxes!!!

Taxpayers deserve to know where our tax dollars are going.  Demand answers from Bernanke and hold him accountable for his actions.

Please tell your friends and family to get involved.  This issue effects everyone, even the youngest child who now enters the world thousands of dollars in debt!

See also:


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Free Quality Healthcare Oxymoron

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Healthcare is expensive, no doubt about it.  However government intervention is not the solution.  In fact the more the government gets involved the more expensive things become.  “Free” and “quality healthcare” do not belong in the same sentence together!

Much ado is made about Canada’s healthcare system where everyone is treated regardless of financial ability to pay.  What is rarely mentioned is just how bad that type of system is in reality.  Watch the video below and then decide if their system is better than ours.

Our system isn’t perfect but it is still better than this!  Don’t let Congress pass some BS legislation that they claim will fix things.  Most members of Congress are not doctors and have no real understanding of how the system works.


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Swine Flu And Tamiflu

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For the last few days the news has been buzzing about swine flu.  Most news articles also push Tamiflu.  Before you buy into the Tamiflu hype, watch the video below.

This video was done back in 2007 and watching it will help point out some of the hype surrounding Tamiflu and the stockpiling of protective masks.  Please do your research before spending your hard earned money on stuff that probably won’t help all that much.

And also keep in mind that the last time swine flu was hyped in the news and people were given vaccines that more people died from the vaccinations than from swine flu itself.  Vaccines are not always the answer, think long and hard before you roll up your sleeve.  Are the side effects more dangerous than the flu itself?  Do we even know that yet?  Are you prepared to be a medical guinea pig?

You may want to stock up on food supplies and hygiene products so that if any emergency breaks out your family will have a few days or weeks worth of needed items.


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