It is official, the “human rights” drive has jumped the shark and can no longer be taken seriously.  It will soon surpass the PETA insanity.  You know,  where PETA claims to love animals yet according to their own website they euthanize most of the animals they “rescue.”  (Perhaps if they spent more time and money training the dogs and cats they take in instead of posting stupid billboards and throwing blood/paint on little old ladies wearing fur coats they could find homes for those animals!)

Freedom of speech is something everyone should treasure.  It is a right that should never be extinguished.  However the United Nations is on the way to making any speech someone could construe as “defamation of religion” a human rights violation.  That’s right, if you make any statement that could be seen as defaming a religion, any religion, then you will be guilty of violating someone’s human rights!


For years I have fought against the notion that atheism is a religion.  Not collecting baseball cards isn’t considered a hobby so I could never grasp why people insisted not having a religious belief was in itself a religion.  I think it stems from the misconception most people have that it somehow takes faith to not believe in some higher power.  I don’t have faith in any such thing.   My position as an atheist is that there is no credible evidence to support the existence of a Magical Sky Pixie so why should I believe in one.  I do not have to believe there is no God to be an atheist, only not believe there is one.  That difference may seem subtle but it is actually quite huge when you really think about it.

The other big thing that confuses people is the difference between atheism and agnosticism.  Atheists have no BELIEF in God.  Agnostics have no KNOWLEDGE of God.  So technically I am an agnostic atheist, I have no knowledge of God and I have no belief in one.  The next time someone tells you they are an agnostic respond with “Yes, but what do you BELIEVE?”  Most agnostics are really atheists who just don’t want to use the word.  Anyone who doesn’t have a belief in God is an atheist whether they choose to call themselves that or not.

Atheists are probably the most hated group of people on the planet so perhaps we should just allow people to say atheism is a religion, then we can use the dumbass United Nations resolution to our benefit.  Bet the fundaMENTALists will be sorry they dreamt up that resolution then.

Which right is more precious to you…

The right of freedom of speech or the right to never hear anything offensive said about your religion?


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