I’m not a big fan of international laws but I think they are valid in situations like this where foreign citizens are detained, punished, or tortured by another nation.

I cannot disagree more with President Obama on this issue because it is not only your right but also you DUTY to disobey an unlawful order!!!

If the people who had been detained and waterboarded had been U.S. Citizens and the agents “just following orders” had been from another country there would be outrage in this country.

President Obama it is your duty to follow our laws!  Nobody is above the law!    You took an oath to uphold the Constitution, how about honoring your oath of office?

This isn’t even about what foreign law states, it is about the issue of torture in and of itself.   No nation that has ever allowed torture and not eventually used it on its own citizens!  Government agents are abusing their powers with alarming frequency (see border agent abuse) and yet the highest elected official in our nation just wants to look the other way!?!


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